The L2000 De-Bug Unit eliminates existing microbial infestations and continually prevents infestations from re-occurring, simply by using the engine or re-circulation system.

If you have bugs in your fuel/ oil you can expect a notable improvement in power, 5%+* reduction in fuel use and filters will last normal service intervals. Injectors and fuel won't block or corrode because of the diesel bugs.

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For: Diesel fuel, marine diesel, light oils, gas oil, jet, kerosene & water.
Engine Ratings:
650 to 2,000 Hp

Max Hourly
Flow Rate: 2,000 litres/ hr.
  316 Stainless Steel - Powdercoated.
4.0 kilograms.
90mm wide, 360mm high, 170mm deep.
Port Size: 1" ORFS / SAEJ1453.
Operating Pressure:
50 psi.
Four 16mm mounting holes on the backing flange



Trucks, generator sets, machinery, bulk tanks, Boats and fluid treatment applications up to 2,000 Litres/hour.

Fitting and Operating

The L2000 De-Bug Unit is a one pass system providing systematic elimination of microbial contaminants. Installation is after the water separator and before the primary filter.

Provided the unit is properly fitted, and used, the L2000 De-Bug Unit is guaranteed to significantly reduce microbial decontamination. The L2000 De-Bug Unit is unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year (12 months).

NOTE: Disassembly of magnet stack voids all guarantees and warranties.




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