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The L4000 De-Bug Unit eliminates existing microbial infestations and continually prevents infestations from re-occurring, simply by using the engine or re-circulation system.

Military specification Approval: 
NATO Part no. LM24 - 2910-98-204-0023;
       Stainless Steel - 2910-98-204-0077

If you have bugs in your fuel/ oil you can expect a notable improvement in power, up to 28% reduction in fuel use and filters will last normal service intervals. Injectors and fuel won't block or corrode because of the diesel bugs.



For: Diesel fuel, marine diesel, light oils, gas oil, jet, kerosene & water
Engine Ratings:
Up to 4,000 Hp.

Max Hourly
Flow Rate: 4,000 litres/ Hr
  LM24 - marine grade, anti corrosive aluminium alloy.
17.4 kilograms
Size: 375mm wide, 260mm high, 386mm deep.
Port Size:
Dash 24 SAE *Recommend Brass fittings.
Operating Pressure:
50 psi.
Two 16mm mounting holes on the backing flange

Applications: Turbine and Cylinder engines - Ships, Locomotives, Power Generation, and fluid treatment applications up to 4,000 litres per hour.                                   

Examples of L4000 applications

Fitting and Operating

L4000 De-Bug Unit is a one pass system providing systematic elimination of microbial contaminants.
 Installation is before the primary filter.

Provided the unit is properly fitted, and used, the L4000 De-Bug Unit is guaranteed to significantly
reduce microbial decontamination. The
L4000 De-Bug Unit is unconditionally guaranteed against
manufacturing defects for 12 months.

NOTE: Disassembly of magnet stack voids all guarantees and warranties.

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