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De-Bug Clean Fuel Units 

Laboratory Tested and Endorsed by Engineers

  Independently Tested and Proven Effective in Laboratory and Field trials: 

 Laboratory tests conducted by  
  • ICI Research Laboratories
  • The Dutch Fishing Research Institute

 Both Laboratories found De-Bug Clean Fuel Units dramatically reduce colony forming fungi and bacteria.

  Pictures of Dipslide Tests
Testing -
1/ The 'Controls' are samples taken straight from bugged fuel before run through test system.

2/ Just Fuel Filter -Is after running bugged fuel through test system having just a fuel filter. The fuel filter did stop some bugs but not all - fuel filter became partially blocked during test period.

3/ De-Bug then Fuel Filter -Clean NO Fungus or Yeast

Red Spot - Bacteria Malt Agar - Yeasts and Fungus

1/ Control - Bacteria

2/ Just Fuel Filter -Bacteria


3/ De-Bug then
Fuel Filter- Clean No Bacteria

1/ Control - Fungus Yeast


2/ Fuel Filter- Fungus Yeast


3/ De-Bug then
Fuel Filter -Clean NO Fungus or Yeast

 De-Bug Clean Fuel Units are Endorsed by skilled Engineers:

  • Singapore Port Authority,
  • Shell New Zealand,
  • New Zealand Fire Service,
  • Union Shipping New Zealand,
  • Tranz Rail New Zealand and
  • Shell Deepwater Production U.S.A.

Twenty Years of End User Feedback have proven De-Bug Clean Fuel Units to be:

  • Effective - for cleaning diesel of microbiological contaminants,
  • Efficient - cost nothing to operate, reduce maintenance expenses and fuel burn
  • Clean - no additives required, reduces black smoke,
  • Durable -  Built from non-corrosive marine grade materials.
  • Do not have any wires, or moving parts, require no chemicals or additives and no consumable items,
  • Straight Forward - De-Bug are easy to fit and maintain.

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